If you would like to commission an original watercolour & ink illustration, or a digital illustration, please get in touch! I work on a wide variety of commissions, varying from chickens to your entire family.
To give you an idea of how the process works:
- You'd get in touch and explain all the details of your idea; make sure to include: the subject (your family, your pet, or your house) with detailed pictures, the size of image you would like (rough sizes is completely fine), what medium you would like, and when you need it for.
-I'll then send you a rough sketch in pencil, and a quote over email- this will give you an idea of how the piece might look
- If you're happy, we can then organise payment, and I'll create the final piece!
- I can also get pieces framed, and can giftwrap the pieces with a handwritten tag, so they'll arrive with your lucky recipient ready to open!
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